Mindfulness and Alpine Mountaineering & Climbing – Foundation

About the course

This is one of our favourite courses; There is a relaxed pace and tempo during the week, we can spend time in the mountains, soaking up nature, the sounds, smells, sites, there is no rush, we spend as much time as we need on each aspect of Mindfulness & mountaineering.

The course will be based both at our mountain lodge and out camping in the high mountains. Each evening we go through the day, check in with each other, find out whats working, and what doesn’t and plan the next day. The participants of the course set the pace, tempo and goals, after all, it’s your course.

We build the course upon building blocks, so by the end of the week you have a toolbox of skills that can be turned to any mountaineering adventure.




No previous experience skills necessary.

Course objectives:

  • Gain a solid foundation in mindfulness and its application in everyday life
  • Glacier travel – self & buddy rescue
  • Basic scrambling / easy rock climbing
  • How to use a rope when ascending and descending
  • How to ascend/descend steep snow; with and without axes and crampons
  • How to navigate with a map, compass and GPS
  • Basic mountain survival if someone is injured or you get benighted
  • Camping, skills, food and safety
  • What to wear and when
  • A closer look at nature and the landscape. It’s true beauty

We are always open and flexible to add additional subjects as and when required. The instructors we use definitely think out of the box.

Combine it with other courses

This is a self-sufficient course. However, it can be combined as part of our alpine mentoring program.


Accommodation is based at our farm and is included in the price. Find it out more here. We will spend some nights camping in the high mountains.

Flights, train and getting there

From the Airport, you can take the “flytoget”  which is an express train to Oslo central station.  From there it is a short walk to the bus station.  You can take the Valdres Express bus  From Oslo central to Fagernes Skysstasjon which is about 20min from my house.  The bus is comfortable, has free wifi and takes about 3 hours.  I like taking the bus to Oslo as I can look out the window and see all the waterfalls and dream about ice climbing 🙂
Nearly all participants on previous courses have travelled by the above method, and they have described it as straightforward and easy.

Equipment hire

If you need to rent equipment, that is no problem, just let us known in advance. You will receive a list of required items upon booking.