In the mountains of Norway

Guiding in the mountains of Norway has been a noble service for over 200 years.  William Cecil Slingsby often used local guides  and  farmers to assist him up the then unclimbed mountains of Norway.  He also, late one evening on the 21 July 1876, left his friends and guides behind at a col – now named Mohns Skard (named after Emanuel Mohn) – and climbed alone to the top of Storen (Store Skagastølstind), making the first ascent of the peak that was considered then impossible.

A new guiding philosophy

In 2016 we decided to change the way we guide at Alpine Dragons. It’s a fundamental shift away from a traditional form of guiding to a more holistic approach, more respectful to people, the environment and other mountain enthusiasts. The relationship between guests and guide is precious.  At Alpine Dragons we respectfully accompany our new friends on their dreams, offering our skills and experience to make their journey as enjoyable and safe as possible.

Styggedals Traverse (2387m)

Uranostinden (2157m)

Skagastølstind (Storen) – 2405m

Store Austabotntind

Store Austabotntind (2204m)

Pioneer Route on Falketind

Falketind (2067m)

Ice climbing in Norway

Ice-climbing Guide to Valdres