Ice climbing in Valdres

Beitostølen / Kalvedalen

 Kalvedalen is a hidden valley rising up from Beito valley near Beitostølen.  The valley holds three main ice-falls.

The inner most ice fall is a steep fall about 90m high.  It looks steep throughout and although it has been climbed I have no first hand reports of whats it like.

The middle fall is also consistently steep and looks to be 1 pitch.

The outer most fall is more amenable 2 pitch climb with an easy introduction pitch before a steeper final pitch that can be outflanked to the right.


Ice climbing in Kalvedalen

Middle Icefall in Kalvedalen

Ice climbing in Kalvedalen

Both Inner (left) and middle (right) icefalls in Kalvedalen

Ice Climbing in Kalvedalen

Inner icefall in Kalvedalen

Walking into  Kalvedalen

Inner most icefall

Middle (left) and Outer (right) falls

Approaching the outermost icefall in Kalvedalen