Pioneer Route on Falketind

Classic ascent of this historically important mountain.

Falketind was first climbed in 1820 via the Pioneer’s Route, which is remarkable as this isn’t the easiest route to the summit. The story goes that botanists out looking for alpine flowers made the first ascent. It makes me wonder in those early days you needed an excuse to climb a mountain. To tell the truth would have been crazy talk, so the first ascensionists told people they were out to pick some flowers and by chance climbed by accident to the summit.

The route itself is an alpine ascent crossing Falkbreen (glacier), steep snow slopes before ascending slabs until reaching the ridge. On one side, the side you have climbed is steep and imposing while the other is a gently descending snow-covered glacier. At first, the ridge is followed with ease, before a stiff climb brings you to the snow slope and eventually an airy ridge. A short scramble brings you to the summit with spectacular views.


Accommodation is available on our farm from 250 NOK per person per night. Find it out more here.

Flights, train and getting there

Contact us if you need help planning your trip. We are happy to pick you up at the bus / train station. The train goes straight from the Airport to our place. Check out train times at www.nsb.no you will want to go from Oslo Lufthavn to Gol.

Equipment hire

If you need to rent equipment, that is no problem, just let us known in advance. You will receive a list of required items upon booking.

Skills level





General fitness and some mountaineering experience will increase the enjoyment of this tour.

Course Itinerary

We use first evening to discuss the tour and check equipment.  The next day is used for the tour starting early at 8am.


Privately arranged.


Good quality mountaineering boots should be worn for this tour.


Suggested equipment in the rucksack (Don’t worry about the map and GPS as the guide will carry this)

In the rucksack

Equipment (which can be provided) as follows:

Equipment to courses


2000,- NOK pr person
Minimum 2 persons or 1 at 3500 nok, Maximum 3 participants


Included in Price:
– all guide/instructor fees and expenses.
– all instructional material and location rental.

Not Included in Price:
– personal ski/avalanche rescue equipment and clothing.
– transportation to/from course location.
– lodging.
– travel insurance