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Course TitleDescriptionCost per personDatesAvailability
Winter Climbing Course Private Course-21.01 to 25.01-2019FULL
Winter Mountaineering & ClimbingA course with a focus on all winter mountaineering and climbing (ice and mixed) activities including:
1) Ice-climbing & mixed climbing single and multi-pitch
2) Avalanche awareness for the winter mountaineer.
3) Dealing with, when everything goes crazy and staying alive in the winter landscape.
8500 nok

All inclusive.
27/01 to 2/02-2019FULL
Alpine Mentoring / Advanced Winter Climbing and Mountaineering Course A course for people with experience to crank it up a bit, with the main focus on mentoring on ice and mixed routes in the mountains8500 nok

All inclusive.
09/02 to 12/02-2019FULL
Mindfulness and Avalanche awareness / Winter SkillsThis course; Avalanche awareness / Winter Skills is held within a framework of mindfulness, the practice of being aware of your thoughts and how they can steer your decision making.2500 nok08/03 to 10/03 - 2019Several places still available
Ski-mountaineering / Winter Mountaineering Skills courseLearn ski-touring skills as well as mountaineering skills to be able to travel in winter to your chosen mountain, cross a glacier and climb to the top of you peak in a safe and competent manner. 8500 nokMarch 6.5 days (dates to be decided)Please take contact
Private ice / winter -climbing Private ice / winter climbing. Easy multi pitch technical climbing routes.Sharing the cost with another. cost will be 5000 nok plus accommodation (280 nok per night)23rd to 24th February 1 place taken. A women from the UK has booked this two day course and wishes to share it with another person.