Alpine Mentoring


There comes a time in an alpinist apprenticeship, that mentoring is essential. For most this arrives by accident, a chance meeting and suddenly the learning begins.

For me? Well, I have been fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time. Mistaken by Eric Langmuir in the International youth hostel in Vancouver as his taxi driver, and then some months later while being invited to dinner it his house I was introduced to Alan Dennis, an avalanche expert from Canada. Both these individuals changed my view on mountaineering. Until this point, I was traditional after that everything changed. Some so subtle I doubt a casual onlooker would see, but fundamental all the same.

At Alpine Dragons, we remove the chance meeting and boldly stand in your way and say “we are here” if the match is right the learning begins, furthering and deepening your knowledge.

Fundamentally it’s not just about the moves, the clothes, the hard skills, its an about you. We go deeper, beyond words, to a place that needs to be experienced.

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Accommodation is available on our farm from 250 NOK per person per night. Find it out more here.

Flights, train and getting there

Contact us if you need help planning your trip. We are happy to pick you up at the bus station.

From the Airport, you can take the “flytoget”  which is an express train to Oslo central station.  From there it is a short walk to the bus station.  You can take the Valdres Express bus  From Oslo central to Fagernes Skysstasjon which is about 20min from my house.  The bus is comfortable, has free wifi and takes about 3 hours.  I like taking the bus to Oslo as I can look out the window and see all the waterfalls and dream about ice climbing 🙂
Nearly all participants on previous courses have travelled by the above method, and they have described it as straightforward and easy.

Equipment hire

If you need to rent equipment, that is no problem, just let us known in advance. You will receive a list of required items upon booking.

Skills level






Course Itinerary

After a detailed discussion we form a plan of action.


This is a long-term project.

Please see our: Availability page 

Or contact us using the booking form.


Upon registration we will send you a complete equipment list. There should not be any surprises on the equipment list. We will be using standard ski touring equipment and we have a good amount of rental gear available.


2500 to 8500 nok per person (depending on how many days are arranged)


Included in Price:
– all guide/instructor fees and expenses.
– all instructional material and location rental.

Not Included in Price:
– personal ski/avalanche rescue equipment and clothing.
– transportation to/from course location.
– lodging.
– travel insurance