Guides and instructors

at Alpine Dragons

Jamie is the senior instructor and manager at Alpine Dragons (Formerly known as  Valdres Fjellguider). He holds Alpine, Glacier, Ice and Avalanche instructor qualifications through the Norsk Fjellsports Forum, which is the home-grown Norwegian qualification system.

Jamie grew up in the English Lake District, where he first started exploring the valleys and mountains.  He soon, however, moved to Scotland and undertook a degree in geology continuing his apprenticeship in climbing and mountaineering.  He worked as a freelance geologist and instructor for many years before coming into contact with the Scottish Avalanche Service where he worked as a part time mountain assistant.  This section of his life deepened his understanding of avalanche methodology, especially the human factor.

Well travelled geologist

As a geologist Jamie has worked in many places, including Norway and, in 2007 he moved full time to Bergen, where he fell for the land and one of its inhabitants!  After a bit of moving about, they bought an old farm in Valdres and he started Alpine Dragons.

Qualified Alpine, Glacier, Ice & Avalanche instructor

Jamie is qualified through the Norsk Fjellsports Forum as a climbing instructor (High Mountains), glacier instructor and avalanche instructor.  This means he is qualified to instruct and guide on all Norwegian mountains in both summer and winter.

He has climbed in many lands including the UK, Norway, Italy, France, Spain, Canada and Nepal, but feels most at home in the high mountains of the Jotunheim.

Valdres and the Jotunheim

Jamie wrote an article about the Ridges of Norway’s Jotunheim for a climbing site called UKclimbing




Jamie´s philosophy is simple; The mountains are for everyone,
respect both people and the environment and try as best as
you can to stay in the moment.