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At Alpine Dragons, we are really passionate about adventure, freedom, the environment and being the best that we can. We offer bespoke outdoor courses as well as guided tours in Valdres and the Jotunheim mountains of Norway. Courses are run in English and Norwegian.

Meet Jamie

Jamie is the senior instructor and manager at Alpine Dragons. He holds Alpine Climbing, Glacier, Ice and Avalanche instructor qualifications through the Norsk Fjellsports Forum, which is the home-grown Norwegian qualification system.

Jamie´s philosophy is simple; The mountains are for everyone, respect both people and the environment and try as best as you can to stay in the moment.

Languages: English and Norwegian


What customers say

I attended the level one mountaineering course and it was all I hoped it would be. Despite some poor weather, Jamie made sure that we made the most of each day and covered all the planned skills. There were also only three students so the safety and personal aspect of the course is outstanding. He also is very willing to cover any specific skills in more detail if you have particular requests. The accommodation was also excellent. Thanks Jamie!

Duncan Sharp

I had the pleasure of taking part in a 2.5 day Avalanche/ski touring course with Jamie and am extremely happy with how it all went. The level of professionalism and flexibility in difficult weatherconditions shown by Jamie out on the mountain was excellent and his knowledge of snow conditions/terrain cannot be faulted. I have learned so much from this course with regards to how you should approach a day in avalanche terrain that will be invaluable in the future. On a personal note, Jamie is very easy to get on with, always willing to help and to explain things. I highly recommend this course for anyone that spends time in the mountains away from the marked trails. The accommodation is also great, everything you need for a great trip.

David Hallard

I have been on several courses med Valdres Fjellguider (*Valdres Fjellguider is the Norwegian version of Alpine dragons.), both randonee, glacier and mini alpine course including avalanche and climbing. Jamie is an exceptionally good tour leader, guide and course holder. He is knowledgeable, always well prepared, focused on safety and good rote choice, is flexible and positive in all types of weather and terrain, and last but not least, he is enthusiastic with the actual trip experience - the pleasure of being out and experiencing nature's big and small wonder. It will be great trips! Recommended! (Translated from Norwegian)

*Valdres Fjellguider is the Norwegian version of Alpine dragons.

Margrethe Halvorsen Oslo

Firstly I want to thank you again for a superb few days. Everything about the course was what I was hoping for - the climbing, the accommodation, and being able to completely disconnect from work for a few days. I'll certainly be back for more ice climbing when the season comes back around again.

Matthew Burnard

Courses we offer

Ski touring

There is a strong tradition of ski touring in Norway, and this is something we embrace. Winter and spring is a beautiful time to explore the mountains; they are always changing, day by day, and often hour by hour. With the correct skills, these seasons can be explored in an enjoyable and safe manner.




We offer a full range of mountaineering / Alpine courses and adventures to suit all levels and aspirations. At the end of this course, you will have a ‘toolbox’ of skills that can be deployed to take you up your dream mountain, safely and competently.



We offer a full range of climbing courses and adventures to suit all levels and aspirations. In keeping with Norwegian outdoor tradition, all courses are driven by the participants. This means you can decide on a daily basis what will happen. After all, it is your course!



The courses will focus heavily on what is called “the human factor”  and “self reflection” both these area are turning out to be vital in avoiding being caught in an avalanche. Courses can be run on randonee, nordic ski or snowshoes.



If you already have climbing experience, but want to further your knowledge, then this is the course for you.  After discussing your goals we can formulate a bespoke course.



The relationship between guide and guest is precious.  At Alpine Dragons we respectfully accompany guests on their dreams, offering our skills and experience to make their journey as enjoyable and safe as possible.


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